Training and Advice

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In addition to our bespoke job placement activities undertaken by your own dedciated consultant you can also access the Training and Advice below when you register with Niyaa People;

  • Personal CV Consultancy Service – we will review your CV and give you tips and pointers on how to present your CV in the best possible manner.
  • Interview Techniques coaching – we know people can find interviews daunting, so our consultants are happy to offer pre-interview coaching sessions to calm any nerves and help you provide the best possible representation of yourself during interviews.
  • Career Development Mapping – where do you want to be in 5 years time? Have a chat with one of our consultants and we can make sure your future plans feature in your current job search.
  • Analysis of your personal skills and attributes – our consultants can help guide you through what are your most employable skills and attributes and how to bring these to the forefront. Not only when securing work but once in work.
  • Sample Interview Questions – we can supply you with some basic standard interview questions for you to practice your responses with our consultants.
  • Continued support when you enter work – we want to make sure our candidates and our clients are content, so once you enter your new role our consultants will still be able to offer coaching, advice and any additional support or information you may require.
  • Help with online research and preparation for your interview – we can support your online research for interview preparations – just chat with your consultant for some advice on where to look and what to look for.
  • Building an online profile – remember employers use the internet too! Our consultants can walk you through creating a solid online profile to support your next career move.

Register with Niyaa People today and let us support your next career move.